Remember when Donald Trump said that he would call Bill Gates and get the internet shut down to limit free speech? Well, that statement got to be a tad bit funnier in March of 2016, when Microsoft showed that they didn’t really understand the internet themselves.

On March 23, the company launched an artificial intelligence chat bot on Twitter called Tay, who used the Twitter handle @TayandYou. Tay would get smarter based on conversational understanding, so the more it talked to someone, the more it would learn. The AI bot was meant to connect with Millennials and the conversations were supposed to be playful.

Of course, an AI chat bot on Twitter that builds its intelligence based on conversations with other Twitter users went horribly wrong. The question is, how long do you think Tay lasted before the internet cracked Microsoft’s censors? A month? A week? Try hours. Tay started off upbeat and would be polite when people tried to draw her into controversial topics. But, in less than 24 hours, Tay was expressing her hatred for feminists and just flat out called one Twitter user a whore. She also supported Hitler and Trump. Tay said that she was pro-wall building and thinks that Trump gets things done. Seeing that Tay was clearly broken, Microsoft took her offline about 24 hours after launching.

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