The Toronto Maple Leafs

sea of blue

The Toronto Maple Leafs have the 14th longest Championship dry spell in North American professional sports. Yes, there are teams with worse records, but what is so interesting about the Maple Leafs is that between 2005 and 2015 they were the most valuable NHL franchise and had a 13-year sellout streak for home games. That means that they had fan and financial support, but during that sellout streak, they only made the playoffs three times.

By late 2013, fans were getting frustrated with the team, which was again in the middle of a lackluster season. In December of that year, when the team had only won three of its last 13 games, the Maple Leafs launched the #SEAofBLUE campaign. People could use the hashtag, and their tweets and pictures would be placed on the team’s website. The problem was that there were no filters for the tweets.

At first, people posted pictures of themselves decked out in Maple Leafs clothes, and pictures from games. But before long, people started posting tweets that were hilariously critical of the team, the management, and the Twitter campaign itself. These tweets in turn showed up on the main page of the Maple Leafs’ website. The morning after the campaign launched, the Maple Leafs issued an apology and turned on the filters.

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